Llamas For Sale

Cria and Llamas that are currently available to buy

We have a small herd of some 30 female adult llamas who make up our breeding stock, along with 7 unrelated stud males imported from Switzerland and Italy, and it is normally the offspring from this core group that are available to buy each year. All our young llamas currently for sale are born and bred on the farm, and raised here so I know every animal very well in terms of their parentage and personality, how they handle, their medical history, and their suitability for different purposes and different owners requirements. As a member of the British Llama Society I am a registered breeder and have signed up to their code of conduct for selling llamas. In addition we sometimes have adult llamas for sale and suggest suitable "groupings" if you are looking for several llamas.

If you think you might be interested in buying some llamas from Watertown I would be very pleased to give you the guided tour, and to introduce you properly to the various llamas that we have available so that you can decide which ones, if any, are right for you. There is no hard sell, and absolutely no pressure to buy! I'm always happy to talk llama and to spend time sharing my llamas with visitors.

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These boys in the video are the class of 2015 , filmed in mid February 2016 , and although some have now been reserved there are still some nice llamas available to buy in this group ! Find them detailed below , and click on the photos for more information !

Young Males for sale

halter-training llamas

Adult Females for sale

Geldings for sale